Our Story

The Cocktail Sneakers story began years ago where so many good ideas do: beachside at cocktail hour. When East Coast founder Susan Hassett was shopping for shoes that would be as versatile as her days—smart enough for an impromptu meeting and polished enough for after sunset—every sneaker in sight looked exclusively like a gym shoe. “I need some cocktail sneakers!” she realized out loud. She never found the shoes she was looking for and resolved to create them herself.


Designed with a more stylishly feminine almond-shaped toe, thin sole and unrivaled comfort, every Cocktail Sneaker transitions confidently from morning into night. This perfect harmony was achieved from years of development, starting with the design process in Brooklyn, New York, wear-tested and brought to life by a team of talented women around the globe.



Susan Hassett, Cocktail Sneakers Founder

Susan has confidently transitioned from running a business, being a mom to two boys and donating her time in voluntarism to building a collection that elegantly encourages strong women to chase everything they’re after. All with a sense of humor and grace. 

It’s no surprise that the team alongside her developing Cocktail Sneakers is, by total happenstance, comprised of dynamic women. From a female owned and run factory to design, branding and development, Cocktail Sneakers is created by and for the vibrant woman every step of the way.

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