Cozy suede for cooler mornings

Cool weather ready!

Comfy holiday style

Reimagining what sneakers can be

Below are a few defining features of Cocktail Sneakers:


No two feet are the same! Cocktail Sneakers' optional eco-friendly cork insert lets you customize your sneakers for a perfect fit. 

Strategic design difference


Cocktail Sneakers can take you from running errands around town to a night out with easy, graceful confidence.

How we pair our looks


We pride ourselves on our superb craftsmanship: refined hardware, fine stitching, and well-considered materials.

At work in the studio

why Cocktail sneakers?

elevating casual options for all

Our founder dreamed of an effortlessly chic and feminine sneaker that could transition from casual to dressy outfits, taking a woman throughout her day in sophisticated style and comfort as she chases every last drop of sunlight.


What makes cocktail sneakers special?

Cocktail Sneakers focuses on how women feel in our designs

Obsessed! I have paired my Cocktail Sneakers with leggings, skirts, jeans & dresses, making them the most versatile shoes in my closet. They go with everything! I tend to grab them every time I go out. I get compliments on them EVERY TIME I wear them!

Jean D., New York

I love all my Cocktail Sneakers, especially my white lace ones. The sneakers are so comfortable and perfectly support my feet. They're exactly what I need for my active life in sunny Florida. 

Rosie M., Jupiter Island

I get so many compliments on my red Weekenders. They are fun, trendy, and I love that I can customize the fit! They even included a canvas travel bag to protect the shoes (and clothes) when traveling. Their attention to detail is superb!

Joi S., Orinda, CA


The new "power shoe" for women: sneakers!

Work-from-home options have catapulted a movement of "elevated casual" style...and sneakers are in high demand.

sneaker trend

ditch the heels, ladies!

Founded in Marblehead, Mass., Cocktail Sneakers offer women a comfortable and fashionable footwear alternative.

Designed and supported by a global team of women, Cocktail Sneakers dress up any style with a modern sneaker that successfully pairs with dresses, skirts or jeans.

Our primary focus is on how our sneakers make women feel: polished, empowered, stylish and comfortable.

Best Back To Work Essentials - Cocktail Sneakers highlighted as the perfect footwear for women returning to work.



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