Our Team

Cocktail Sneakers was founded by women for women. Our globally-based team members provide individual insights that cross boundaries and those that have played an integral role in the design and development of our brand. Led by entrepreneur Susan Hassett, Cocktail Sneakers has cultivated a team of seasoned and professional women supporting Cocktail Sneakers' efforts across design, sales, marketing, partnerships and manufacturing. 

Susan C. Hassett - Founder and CEO of Cocktail Sneakers
Secret Shame: Spending too much time at the local garden center and getting her hands dirty with her plantings at home.
Cocktail: A well-chilled Grey Goose cosmo or a fabulous glass of Chardonnay.
Style Icon: Princess Diana and Amal Clooney (both classic and timeless!)
Happy Place: Her back porch on Marblehead Harbor with family and friends
Bedside Reading: Becoming, by Michelle Obama and Vogue Magazine
Favorite Cocktail Sneaker: Each one owns a special place in her heart
Currently Obsessed with: Being in her new lettuce and strawberry garden with music constantly surrounding her. 
Daniella Vollinger
Claim to Fame: Marketing/Creative at Cocktail Sneakers
Secret Shame: Southern Charm and RHOBH
Cocktail: Lime Margarita
Style Icon: Kate Middleton
Happy Place: Woodstock and Quechee Vermont
Bedside books: Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits, Garden & Gun Southerner's Handbook and Reese Witherspoon's Whiskey in a Teacup.
Favorite Cocktail Sneaker: The Occasion 
--Daniella is currently obsessed with a pink/blue/purple color scheme and rearranging her living room. She starts her day with Instagram and ends it in her vegetable garden. She's most looking forward to late-spring peonies and lilac blooms—pink and purple, of course!
Jennifer Thompson
Claim to Fame: Brand Matchmaker/Director of Business Development
Secret Shame: Way ‘over treats’ her dogs
Cocktail: The Vesper
Happy Place: Caribbean and her backyard
Bedside Reads: Travel & Leisure and "Forbes Daily Dozen"
--Jennifer is currently obsessed with making different varieties of hummus and a brain game called Woody 99. She starts her day with the Van Morrison Channel on Pandora, her daily horoscope, and frisbee with her Aussie, Kelsie Boo, and ends it throwing the tennis ball to her Golden Retriever, Stevie Ray. She's most looking forward to getting back to traveling . . . the Caribbean of course!
Kathleen - West Coast Sales Cocktail Sneakers
Secret Shame: Gossip magazines and gummy bears (enjoyed together!)
Cocktail: Rose'
Happy Place: The beach or anywhere with my family and friends
Bedside Reading: The Overstory by Richard Powers
Favorite Cocktail Sneaker: The Traveler
Style Icon: Audrey Hepburn
--Kathleen grew up on the South Shore of Long Island but has resided on the west coast for the last 20 years. The youngest of eight children (yes, 8 kids!) she has been influenced, in one way or another, by each of her siblings. From her sense of style to music appreciation, Kathleen's family has been a source of inspiration and knowledge. Things that bring her joy include simple gatherings with friends, hiking, road trips and experimenting with new recipes. 
Claim to Fame: Lead Designer & Co-Founder at Shoe Girls Studio
Secret Shame: 25lb bag of Flour in her kitchen and playing Animal Crossing New Horizons
Favorite Cocktail:  Manhattan or Aperol Spritz
Style Icon: Phoebe Philo
Happy Place: New York City, Paris, Tokyo
Bedside Reading: Broken Earth Trilogy by NK Jemison, Shoe Design Book, Tartine Bread 
Favorite Cocktail Sneaker: The Traveler
--Mar always has her hair in a bun. She enjoys traveling and is rarely ever in one place. She enjoys designing shoes as much as she loves collecting them!
Claim to Fame: Ran x-country in college (St. Mary's!)
Secret Shame: HUGE sweet tooth!
Favorite Cocktail: Strawberry Mint Smash (w/extra strawberries!)
Happy Place: Sebago Lake, Maine
Bedside Reading: American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins
Favorite Cocktail Sneaker: The Professional (Black)
Currently Obsessed with: Interior design! I'm redoing my bedroom and on the hunt for inspiration.
Claim to Fame: "Entertainer extraordinaire"
Secret Shame: Wham (musical duo), popcorn and jewelry 
Favorite Cocktail:Cranberry juice with a splash of seltzer & lime 
Style Icon: Audrey Hepburn 
Happy Place: Greece, Vermont & Martha’s Vineyard 
Beside Books: Snow & Ashes, Paradise Lost 
Favorite Cocktail Sneaker: The Outsider
Claim to Fame: Lead Graphic Designer
Secret Shame: Glen Campbell
Favorite Cocktail: Red wine and for a summer splurge, her hubby’s Frozen White Chocolate Mudslide
Happy Place: Ipswich River Sanctuary, Topsfield, MA
Bedside Books: Delia Owens' “Where the Crawdads Sing,” “Running on Red Dog Road: And Other Perils of an Appalachian Childhood” by Drema Hall Berkheimer. And on the kitchen counter: “Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day” from Zoe Francois
Favorite Cocktail Sneaker: The Outsider
--Val loves color: large, vibrant splashes of it! From design projects to home décor, color inspires her! Val’s at her best when entertaining at home–from intimate gatherings to large, themed extravaganzas that take months to prepare. 
Claim to Fame: Madame of Comms
Secret Shame: Master Chef and Shark Tank
Favorite Cocktail: Whiskey (on the rocks)
Style Icon: Diane Keaton
Happy Place(s): Martha's Vineyard, Ballycotton, Ireland and Amalfi Coast, Italy
Bedside books: Becoming by Michelle Obama and Kitchen Confidential by the late Anthony Bourdain
Favorite Cocktail Sneaker: Red Weekender 
--When not focusing on professional pursuits, Wendy is a culinary enthusiast and mom of three, including a set of twins! She prefers hiking over sunbathing and can often be found noodling over new recipes or researching fun activities to add to her family's bucket list. Her secret skills include Monopoly domination and gift basket creation. She loves power tools and spends weekends on home improvement projects (when the weather permits). The product she's most fascinated by these days are magnetic eyelashes (How do they stay on?)