Forbes Magazine

"Cocktail Sneakers aims to change the sneaker game to one that isn't so exclusively casual, but more versatile."

JustLuxe Magazine

"These sneakers can be styled up with a fancy outfit or worn with athleisure and loungewear for a more casual look depending on the day."

Thrillist Magazine

"This footwear brand founded by women for women will have you ditching heels without compromising style."

"The extra detail of the insert provides spring in one’s step and a perfect fit. I can wear these all day into night. That’s the perfect marriage! Style and total comfort. It took Cocktail Sneakers to make the perfect match. They are my five star go-tos! " ~ Lisa P.

Footwear News

"Cocktail Sneakers Take Women From Brunch to the Boardroom"

01945 Magazine

"Hassett's company is one of the nation's rising footwear enterprises."

"The black lace sneaker is smashing! Elegant, fun and comfortable right out of the box. I will be enjoying these shoes for many years! " - Ailene Evans

"Cocktail Sneakers hit the nail on the head with their designs. I chose the Outsider as I could wear them with pants and dresses which saved packing space. I find them stylish and lovely for those "in between" events where you want to be comfortable but not have to wear heels." - Abigail A.