For those who prefer to save extra calories for meals instead of drink, are too young to imbibe, or those who sidestep alcohol altogether, "mocktails" are a wonderful option. A growing trend in ‘spirit-free cocktails’ and ‘zero-proof drinks’ has emerged the last few years, proven by how many restaurants now regularly avail elevated, non-alcoholic options on their menus. Mixologists and bartenders, too, are experimenting and perfecting complex, carefully crafted and decadent drinks that closely mimic their alcohol-laden twins. However, these emerging alternatives are not only replicating similar depths of flavor, they are stimulating entirely new tasting experiences using citrus, bitters, and eclectic sweeteners such as maple syrup and honey.

The upcoming holidays are frequently celebrated with beverages and have therefore highlighted a few of our team's favorite festive mocktails that can be easily made ensure that all guests, and family members of all ages, can partake in the party. 

Cranberry and Orange Juice Mocktail


Limoncello Kitchen’s founder and mixologist Kimberly Salem suggests this cranberry and orange mocktail with a touch of maple syrup—perfect for the winter season. It certainly is the right color and takes advantages of cranberries, a popular fruit of the season, grown and harvested here in Massachusetts!

Holiday Mule (or “Yule Mule”)


An elevated, non-alcoholic spin on the vodka-infused classic was created at Boston’s own XV Beacon, using cinnamon syrup and ginger beer, garnished with sugar-dusted rosemary and fresh cranberries. It’s delicious!

Honey Apple Crisp Mocktail


Mocktail Girlie has created dozens of zero-proof options however our hands down favorite is the Honey Apple Crisp Mocktail, pairing seasonal apple cider and cinnamon with citrus and maple syrup.

When Susan Hassett shares the Cocktail Sneakers founding story, she explains that her goal was to design elevated, comfortable footwear for ladies that they could wear from sunrise to sunset. Ladies who lunch (or brunch) are just as likely to enjoy a cocktail as those meeting friends or colleagues after hours, so she married cocktail + sneaker to create Cocktail Sneakers!

Whether your holidays are complete with mocktails (or cocktails), we wish you the very best!