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    The Cocktail Sneakers story began years ago. I was vacationing in Nantucket and needed a shoe that was versatile—comfortable and functional enough for my active days yet polished enough for after sunset. I envisioned a shoe that could take me confidently from sunrise to sunset in style and comfort without compromising on either. But all the comfortable shoes were ugly, and all the beautiful shoes were uncomfortable! I just needed comfortable shoes that I could confidently wear to a cocktail party. “I need some cocktail sneakers!” I realized aloud. The idea for Cocktail Sneakers was born!

    I’ve designed Cocktail Sneakers for the busy, modern woman who does not want to compromise on comfort or feminine elegance. Each sneaker can be dressed up or down and can transition from casual daywear to elegant evening attire. Our signature almond-shaped toe gives a soft, feminine silhouette while our deep heel cup and shock absorbing insole provide the comfort of an athletic shoe. This perfect harmony was achieved from years of development, starting with the design process in Brooklyn, New York, wear-tested and brought to life by a team of talented women around the globe. From a female-owned and -run factory to design, branding and development, Cocktail Sneakers is created by and for the vibrant woman every step of the way.

    My promise to you is that your Cocktail Sneakers will make you feel comfortable, supported, and always dressed elegantly and appropriately for the right occasion. After all, we women live such dynamic lives today. We need a shoe that can run with us. This is sneaker culture redefined.


    Each Cocktail Sneaker is uniquely designed with an almond-shaped toe and thin sole, carefully crafted from the finest materials to create a more elevated, feminine style. Cocktail Sneakers can confidently take you from running errands around town to a night out on the town.


    Unrivaled comfort is at the forefront of our sneaker design, with three years of development to ensure it. Our poured high-density, closed cell foam insole and deeper heel cup support you from the sole up with natural shock absorption, giving you that bouncy and cushy feeling.


    Just as no two feet are the same, our sneaker sizing is as individual as you are! Cocktail Sneakers come in whole sizes with the ability to customize the sneakers for your perfect fit. The eco-friendly cork insert that comes with each sneaker creates a smaller half size when placed under the kidskin sock lining, so by slipping the cork into your size 8, it becomes a 7.5. By controlling and customizing your own fit, you can be comfortable year round, no matter what life has in store: summer swelling, pregnancy changes, weight gain or loss, etc.