Versatile luxury for every woman

A woman’s life has many chapters.

Her story begins and evolves depending on the company she keeps, the relationships she cultivates, the goals she sets, and the objectives she achieves.

Cocktail Sneakers is the culmination of one woman’s journey through a series of life chapters. 

Cocktail Sneakers is redefining sneaker culture for women.

Founder Susan Hassett has dressed for numerous occasions: graduations, weddings, vacations, motherhood, weekend sports mama, board meetings, avid traveler, career ascendancy and entrepreneurhood—all of which set the course for Cocktail Sneakers ultimate birth.

When on vacation one year, Susan went in search of a feminine and versatile sneaker that was comfortable and functional enough for her active days yet polished enough for after sunset adventures. In her mind, she was looking for a shoe that could transition from sunrise to sunset without compromising style or comfort and a sneaker that wasn’t designed for the gym. She wanted a sneaker that she could pair as easily with capris, skirts and jeans, as well as attire she’d wear at an afternoon cocktail party or an evening out with the girls.

Unable to find such a sneaker, she set out to create one of her very own. 

As a mom of two, wife, philanthropist, and successful telecom industry entrepreneur, Susan understood the juggling act that most women manage every day. She did not however have any footwear industry experience. The missing pieces between ideation and final product were multiple years in the making, yet Susan was determined to not let her lack of knowledge or stage of life deter her from bringing her dream to fruition. She studied footwear design and the process of footwear manufacturing. She met with designers and factory owners around the globe. She consulted with industry experts and conducted impromptu “focus groups” of women and what they felt would be the perfect addition to their footwear wardrobe.  The Cocktail Sneakers.

Cocktail Sneakers are designed for every woman. 

Each sneaker, aptly named for chapters in women’s lives -- Professional, Traveler, Weekender, Outsider and Occasion --showcases Cocktail Sneakers’ signature almond-shaped toe, delivering a soft, feminine silhouette while our deep heel cup and shock-absorbing insole provides both arch support and the comfort of an athletic shoe.

This perfect harmony was achieved through years of development. Founded in Marblehead, MA and designed in Brooklyn, NY, Cocktail Sneakers were wear-tested and brought to life by a team of talented women from around the globe. From a female-owned and operated factory, to all-female branding, design and development teams, Cocktail Sneakers was created by women, for women -- riveted on a critical point of differentiation which is, "how do Cocktail Sneakers make you feel?"

In our minds, the time has come for ladies to “ditch the heels” and take more confident and comfortable steps in today’s new power shoe: sneakers.  

We hope you'll join us on our journey and become a Cocktail Sneakers connoisseur.

starting from scratch

By women, for women

A dream realized

Our clients share what they love most about COcktail Sneakers:

Cocktail Sneakers are stylish and comfortable, and a brand that stands for ingenuity and creativity. With so many choices on the market, Cocktail Sneakers breaks through with a fabulous design and value that every woman can support.

Carol S. from Brookline, MA

Can you have too many Cocktail Sneakers? I'm a busy mom of three, so I need a comfortable shoe that I can wear running errands around the city while also looking pulled together and ready for anything! The black Outsiders are my favorite!

Amara P., San Francisco, CA

Teamwork makes the dream work

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SUppport from the sole up

The performance-level “magic” of every Cocktail Sneaker is discreetly hidden beneath our breathable kidskin leather signature sunset orange lining. This intentional design decision ensures that wearers receive arch support and an added layer of shock absorption and cushion beneath the heel courtesy of our plush closed-cell foam heel bed and raised heel cup that supports wearers from the sole up.