The Cocktail Sneakers story began years ago. I was vacationing in Nantucket and needed a shoe that was versatile—comfortable and functional enough for my active days yet polished enough for after sunset. I envisioned a shoe that could take me confidently from sunrise to sunset in style and comfort without compromising on either. But all the comfortable shoes were ugly, and all the beautiful shoes were uncomfortable! I just wanted comfortable shoes that I could confidently wear to a cocktail party. “I need some cocktail sneakers!” I realized aloud. In that moment, the idea for Cocktail Sneakers was born.

I’ve designed Cocktail Sneakers for the busy, modern woman who does not want to have to choose comfort over beauty and elegance. Each sneaker can be dressed up or down and can transition from casual daywear to more formal evening attire. Our signature almond-shaped toe gives a soft, feminine silhouette while our deep heel cup and shock-absorbing insole provide the comfort of an athletic shoe. This perfect harmony was achieved through years of development, starting with the design process in Brooklyn, New York and wear-tested and brought to life by a team of talented women around the globe. From a female-owned and -run factory to design, branding and development, Cocktail Sneakers is created by and for the vibrant woman every step of the way.

When you wear Cocktail Sneakers, my hope is that you will feel supported, feminine, and beautifully dressed for any occasion. After all, we women live such dynamic lives today that we need a shoe that can run with us. This is sneaker culture redefined! Ditch your heels, ladies, and take a few steps in Cocktail Sneakers. We promise you won't regret it! 




Cocktail Sneakers can take you from running errands around town to a night out with easy, graceful confidence.

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No two feet are the same! Cocktail Sneakers' optional eco-friendly cork insert lets you customize your sneakers for a perfect fit. 

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We pride ourselves on our superb craftsmanship: refined hardware, fine stitching, and well-considered materials.

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WHAT they're saying about us

Cocktail Sneakers are stylish and comfortable, and a brand that stands for ingenuity and creativity. With so many choices on the market, Cocktail Sneakers breaks through with a fabulous design and value that every woman can support. Bravo!

Carol S. from Brookline, MA

Obsessed! I have paired my Cocktail Sneakers with leggings, skirts, jeans & dresses, making them the most versatile shoes in my closet. They go with everything! I tend to grab them every time I go out. I get compliments on them EVERY TIME I wear them! 

Jean D., from New York

I get so many compliments on my red Weekenders. They are fun, trendy, and I love that I can customize the fit! They even included a canvas travel bag to protect the shoes (and clothes) when traveling. Their attention to detail is superb!

Joi S. from Orinda, CA

"Can you have too many Cocktail Sneakers? I'm a busy mom of three, so I need a comfortable shoe that I can wear running errands around the city while also looking pulled together and ready for anything! The black Outsiders are my favorite!"

Amara P., San Francisco, CA