The holiday season is upon us and even beneath a cloud of COVID, the spirit of giving remains alive and well.

We spent the last few weeks reflecting on our two and a half year journey building a brand, delighting in how far we’d come, as well as the experiences we’ve had along the way. Our team has established and built cherished relationships, we’ve learned lessons we otherwise wouldn’t have learned, and have introduced a footwear alternative to women that allows them to not only “ditch their heels” when dressing up, but remain stylish when dressing more casually. Our journey, like most others, was not a straight line but one which we are incredibly proud to have navigated. 


As we continue our efforts to redefine sneaker culture for women, our hope is that Cocktail Sneakers will make it onto the list of someone special this holiday season (if not yourself!). There exist many reasons to buy “things” this year but a few very special reasons to invest in a pair of Cocktail Sneakers:  

  1. Shopping “small” has greater value this year. Anyone can click buttons on big box retailer sites, however small businesses across America are staying afloat and thriving literally through support from fans and friends. Consider how your hard earned dollars will support neighbors, community members and their families when you invest in local and locally-made brands as you are in essence, propping up entrepreneurs and dreamers by doing so. 
  2. Supporting a woman founded, led and operated brand. Cocktail Sneakers was founded by Susan Hassett, who has continued to lead a team of professional women. The pandemic unfortunately has taken a serious toll on women in the workplace, and Susan aims to keep her business and their dreams alive. In the last six months, Cocktail Sneakers has extended its reach into more than a dozen high end resort boutiques and upscale retailers and has sold out of several of its most popular designs because of her tenacity and ‘never give up’ mantra. Buying a gift from Cocktail Sneakers means you are buying not just a pair of sneakers, but supporting the work of a globally-located team of women behind the brand. 
  3. Cocktail Sneakers keep on giving well after the holidays. Created from well-appointed and high-quality materials, Cocktail Sneakers aren’t designed for a single season. Rather, they are durable enough to last many years with regular wear and classically designed to ensure that regardless of the silhouette and color you choose, it will never go out of style. Our clients have shared that each time they put on their Cocktail Sneakers, they are reminded of the person who gifted them. So sweet! 
  4. Comfort, especially during a pandemic, is a luxury for all of us. The COVID-19 pandemic and its life-altering impact have already altered so many aspects of our daily lives. It seems that very little may change in the near term, which means many women may continue to “ditch their heels” in favor of more comfortable footwear. Our advice is for them to not sacrifice style in the process yet feel equally as comfortable “hanging up” their house slippers and well-worn trainers for a more sleek and feminine slip-on like the Traveler (for those residing in warmer climates) or the Professional. Cocktail Sneakers were designed from closed cell foam and include a deep heel cup and shock-absorbing insole to deliver the comfort of an athletic shoe while maintaining an elegant silhouette-- a perfect combination of style and comfort. 
Whatever your reason, we hope you will consider gifting yourself or someone you know a pair of Cocktail Sneakers (or perhaps a gift card so they can pick out a pair for themselves). We are not only offering 20% off right now, we are including a linen shoe bag and shipping for free. We hope a quick peek at our Lookbook  will help you find a design that works for the special woman in your life -- especially if that woman is YOU!