Mother’s Day presents an opportunity to celebrate moms and all women who have served as mom-like role models—aunts, sisters, cousins, grandmothers, friends, and mentors. Although it is impossible to show full appreciation for all that moms do, Mother’s Day signals a dated reminder to pause and take a moment to cherish the special women who have shown unwavering support, love, and served as positive role models.


Here are a few ideas for ways to make mom (or mom-models) feel as special as they deserve on Sunday, May 8, 2022:

Experiences are excellent. Some of the best gifts are memories born from enjoyable and shared experiences.  This time of year is perfect for learning a new skill or to take up a new hobby. Consider a cooking class, visit a winery/wine tasting, or even take a local food tour. Even simple experiences such as getting mom’s nails done, taking her bowling, or joining her for a fancy high tea will most definitely leave her feeling special.

Get outside. After the last two challenging years, many have found solace and refuge in the outdoors. The arrival of spring brings with it more moderate temperatures, making outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, or even a walk around the city or along the river an enjoyable way to spend time with mom.   

Get creative (or crafty). Whether she’s got the best green thumb in the neighborhood and lives to garden or kills every plant she’s ever owned, Mother’s Day is a great day to try a flower arranging class, a pottery class, or attend a family paint night. Some of the best moments are the ones made while getting your hands dirty!

Gifts that last the whole year through (and beyond!). Flowers and jewelry are synonymous with Mother’s Day. Should you want to purchase something for your mom, perhaps consider something that will last for more than a week or two, and something she can use the whole year through. Cocktail Sneakers, for example, are dressy (and super comfortable!) sneakers that mom can wear at work and play. The slip-on white or black lace Occasion is a popular summertime option, and the new white and silver Sophisticate has arrived just in time for white sneaker season. If you are worried about what style she may enjoy, Cocktail Sneakers also avails gift certificates, so she can choose a pair at her leisure. Whether your mom needs dressy sneakers for work or play, Cocktail Sneakers has a style to match!

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A simple card will do. Whether handmade with crayons and glued-on dried pasta décor or picked up from the local pharmacy, a Mother’s Day card tells mom that she is loved and that you value the love, energy, and effort they invest in you. Moms secretly keep these treasures forever, and even sneak a peek when we need a little “pick me up.”

Finally, don’t forget a snuggle or two!!  Nothing is more precious than a cuddle from those she loves.  


Happy Mother’s Day!