Save 30% on Warm-Weather Hotel Stays and Enjoy an Extra-Long Sneaker Season with Preferred Hotels & Resorts


As the days grow shorter and the nights start to take on their first chill, you may be tempted to put away your Cocktail Sneakers to make room for your winter boots. While we would normally applaud you and your organizational skills, we suggest instead that you keep them at the ready so they can accompany you as you kick the autumn-to-spring blues by treating yourself a warm-weather escape to Florida....or the Caribbean.

After all, as an independent, hard-working, and vibrant woman, rewarding yourself with rest and relaxation in a time of gray days and over-scheduled holidays is an absolute must for maintaining work/life balance and mental health.

Even though travel has been more difficult lately and might mean arrangements are just a little bit harder to make...ask yourself: Don’t you deserve a dreamy getaway with white-sand beaches or sun-drenched soaking pools? Don’t you deserve fresh air, open spaces, and to lose yourself in a midday swim, slow walk along the shore, or meditative search for the perfect seashell?

Of course you do!!


Do not delay. Grab your favorite pair (or pairs!) of Cocktail Sneakers (no boots needed!), throw into a bag a few swimsuits, a billowy cover-up, and prepare to travel to your chosen hotel or resort in places as diverse as The Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Miami with the latest exclusive travel offer from partner brand, Preferred Hotels & Resorts.

Book a stay of two nights or more at six spectacular destinations across Florida and the Caribbean and save up to 30% on the rejuvenating, warm-weather vacation you deserve.

Visit to explore the available resorts and discover which one gives you the most time to flaunt your favorite footwear. One of our favorites, The Traveler, would be perfect for days spent lounging poolside with a colorful and cold cocktail in hand.

To take advantage of this limited time, exclusive offer, book by December 31 for travel through March 31, 2022.