In partnership with Preferred Hotels & Resorts,Cocktail Sneakers wants to help you experience hotel stays as unique as you are. 

Preferred Hotels and Resorts

You’re a spirited, passionate, and unique person – the only one of your kind in the world.  

So why are you settling for big-name chain hotels and resorts when you could be spending your next vacation sitting in a bespoke chair in an art-filled lobby in a sought-after destination almost anywhere in the world?  Why should you accept bland and uninspiring accommodations?  

Why not choose something that more appropriately matches your own distinctive individualism and personality. Why not choose a boutique hotel for your next vacation?  

If you’re not familiar with this type of accommodation, boutique hotels are often independently owned and operated establishments that can range in size from just a few rooms to a few hundred. The main aspect that determines their “boutiqueness” however, is their freedom from the demands of an overarching brand, which may otherwise (and more often than not, frequently) flatten the architecture, activities, accommodations, and atmosphere of potentially amazing places in order to appeal to the largest common denominator. With boutique hotels, that very independence and freedom are channeled into one-of-a-kind, creative guest experiences that are as authentically interesting as they are welcoming. 

And now, thanks to our travel partner, Preferred Hotels & Resorts, you’re able to experience a boutique holiday of your own with a special offer that gives you the keys to unlocking a magical trip in a variety of destinations ranging from a quaint inn in the New York countryside to a tropical resort in Jamaica or a romantic retreat in the heart of Paris.  

Visit preferredhotels.com/offer/boutique-hotels  to select from a variety of boutique hotels and resorts that might just match your own vibrancy perfectly. In fact, you be surprised to find your interest is sparked by a destination you never would have considered otherwise. This particular boutique offer includes breakfast for two each morning of your stay and is perfect for an autumn to spring getaway.   

Be sure to book by December 31 for travel through March 31, 2022, to take advantage of this limited time offer and find your Preferred boutique.