A day to celebrate those you love (including yourself!) is just around the corner. The month of February includes Valentine’s Day which is frequently augmented by Galentine’s Day, special days during which to celebrate love and friendship in all its forms. Let’s be clear, romantic love isn’t the only love that matters. The care we have for ourselves, our friends, children, extended family members, and even our pets, counts too! To make your planning a tad bit easier, we’ve done a little ‘foot work’ to discover some interesting and fun ways for you to celebrate the month of love.

  • Virtual experiences: Even though we’ve been distanced from many shared activities and events the last two years, plenty of businesses and cool ideas have cropped up, delivering interesting and fun virtual experiences. Test your hand at a master class in mixology or for families, a virtual class in creating mocktails. For those that enjoy travel, Boston-based Beeyonder allows guests to transport themselves virtually (from the comfort of their living room) to exotic locations around the world, to tour distant locations alongside experienced native guides.
  • Spread love to others: Have you ever noticed how good it feels when you do something kind for someone else? The holiday associated with ‘love’ presents a perfect opportunity to literally share the love through simple, unexpected acts. Pay a genuine compliment, hold open the door, or pull in your neighbor’s trash bins. Kindness doesn’t have to cost a thing! Volunteering too is a wonderful way to spread love and kindness. For those seeking an easy path to volunteering, Lasagna Love, a global social impact non-profit, provides local opportunities to give back to neighbors right in your own community.
  • Self-care included: Too often, women put themselves last, placing the needs of others before themselves. It’s counterintuitive since women give so much of themselves, and burn the candle at both ends, often leaving little gas left in their own personal energy tank. Why not spend this Valentine’s Day loving yourself with a scheduled pamper session at a local spa such as Destination Kohler or Acacia Spa. Order and have delivered your favorite entrée from a desired restaurant—and don’t forget dessert!
  • Add chocolate: Seriously, is there any circumstance in which chocolate should not have a role? Everything (even bacon!) is better with chocolate. Holidays seem forever tied to the sweet concoction formed from the seed of the cacao tree, and Valentine’s is no different. Store shelves are stuffed with diverse trays of goodies featuring nuts, caramel, and indulgent ganache. Dark chocolate is one of the best antioxidant sources available, and studies have shown that it can also improve your health and lower the risk of heart disease. Chocolate also has a positive impact on the human brain, regulating the feel-good hormone serotonin and dopamine—which often lifts mood. So, what are you waiting for? Grab some dipping chocolate or a handful of treats for yourself, and enjoy!
  • Gift practically rather than disposably: Most commonly associated with quickly consumed or perishable items including chocolate, wine, and flowers, Valentine’s Day also presents an opportunity to gift yourself or someone you love with an item or experience that has greater longevity. Cocktail Sneakers have been given as Valentine’s Day gifts given their timeless and classic style. Our red suede (who doesn’t love the idea of a comfy suede sneaker!) Weekender is very popular this time of year, as are our white (or sexy black!) lace Occasion, and both our rose gold and metallic silver and white Sophisticate. Every time you, or the special gal in your life, puts them on, they will remember when they were received—and that loving feeling lasts all year though. Cocktail Sneakers too is running a holiday promotion—20% off all our designs—through February 15, 2022. Use code: MYLOVE upon checkout. For those unsure about what sneaker would be preferred by your special one, feel free to grab a gift card, ranging in amounts from $25 - $200.


Happy Valentine’s + Galentine’s Day!