Cocktail Sneakers, in partnership with Preferred Hotels & Resorts, is encouraging all to seek out adventure. But, don't forget to pack comfortable footwear while exploring faraway destinations!  

With so many stunning locations to choose from including a modern hotel with views of New York City to hidden Caribbean beachside residences, we tried to narrow the choices since Preferred locations truly have it all! So, pack a bag and don't forget a pair of Cocktail Sneakers--perfect for weekend escapes and even lengthier getaways when you need footwear that pairs as easily with the maxi dress you packed as well as the capris you'll wear while sightseeing! 

White and silver sneaker for women

Our Sophisticate  sneaker in white/silver metallic meshes perfectly with Preferred Hotels’ Hotel Californian. The simple and elegant Spanish architecture contrasts the cool blue of the Pacific Ocean making this Santa Barbara hotel a special sight. Similarly, our white pinhole leather slip-on sneaker with the silver-metallic toecap and heel back offers a memorable silhouette.

The majority all-white design of both the hotel exterior and the sneaker exterior give off a calming, sleek, and clean feel. White never goes out of style! The Hotel Californian features furniture in contrasting dark orange, black, and gold hues. Similarly, Cocktail Sneakers' signature sunset-orange lining adds a colorful surprise. 

Slip on mule for women

Cocktail Sneakers' Traveler  pairs well with the lush courtyards and blended Mediterranean-inspired architecture of Preferred Hotels' Biltmore Hotel. The beauty and privacy afforded by the location transports guests in mind and spirit to their most relaxed frame of mind, yet they never actually leave the property centered in stunning Coral Gables, Florida. 

The Traveler sneakers were designed for women who love to explore! Made from raffia and calfskin-leather, the Traveler is a vacation essential and easily donned from sunrise to sunset.  


Our white Weekender  is not only a closet staple, it is the perfect travel accessory for those traveling overseas to sun-glazed locations including Preferred Hotels’ Fullerton Bay Hotel in Singapore. The Fullerton is a luxury jewel crested on the coastal waters of Singapore's Marina Bay. The hotel expertly combines a downtown city location with added nature settings. With several, see-through roof top pools, the Fullerton boasts mesmerizing views of  the Singapore skyline. 

Cocktail Sneakers' feminine, almond-shaped toe combined with a performance-level insole made of high-density closed-cell foam are also expertly combined to deliver on the promise of both style and absolutely comfort. When it comes to the details, both Preferred Hotels and Cocktail Sneakers are riveted on them. 

Through Cocktail Sneakers' partnership with Preferred Hotels & Resorts, the world’s largest independent hotel brand, and its latest travel promotion - WHERE NEXT? - travelers will receive complimentary daily breakfast for two, an amazing and locally inspired travel experience, and instant Elite Member status in the brand’s loyalty program, I Prefer Hotel Rewards. Sign up today and discover your next adventure--with Cocktail Sneakers in tow!