“Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together.” ― Elizabeth Taylor

My “new normal” is not too far off from my old life. I still go into my office, take my morning walks, and enjoy golfing and sailing . . . but I certainly miss traveling, large gatherings and events, meeting friends for cocktails, and just going about my life as I did before. Most of all, I really miss getting all dolled up. I miss everything about getting dressed up to go out, including my dressing room cocktail, of course! I say this with gratitude as a woman who has a full life. I’m over sixty and have a wonderful husband, two sons, great family and friends, and a business I love. I know that there are many other women who are struggling with this new normal, especially my single friends of all ages.

Not too long ago, a was talking to a young woman who was hoping that 2020 would be her year to meet the one. “I feel like and old boot stuck in the back of a closet,” she said. “I want to get dressed up and get out. I feel like I’m missing my whole life. Plus, I feel so unattractive now and I’m eating way too much junk food. This isn’t me!” I asked her about how she dressed for her WFH job every day, and she said that she doesn’t even brush her hair, put on make-up, or dress properly in the days anymore. No wonder her self-esteem was in the dumps! I had two tips for her:

Get up and get going. It’s not always easy to carve out time to work out, especially now with the blended work- and home-life situation most of us have going on. I find that getting up early and getting your workout in before the demands of work and family start is the best way to begin the day. And when you start the day with a healthy choice, you’re more likely to build on that with other healthy choices. So many of us fall into that “I ate the donut so I might as well eat the brownie, and I blew the day so I might as well end it with pizza and ice cream” mentality. So, starting out each day on the right foot makes all the difference in the long run.

I love my Peloton! The instructors are fantastic, and I can also follow along exercise classes on my TV—the workouts bring my energy levels up for the day. I know people who have great things to say about Yoga with Adriene and Tracy Anderson’s workouts but there are so many workout-at-home options from which to choose. Also, a brisk walk outdoors in sunshine is a marvelous tonic for good health. Little wins add up to a big victory.

Get dressed properly . . . everyday. No, you didn’t imagine it: people are nicer to you when you look and feel your best. You radiate a certain confidence, warmth, and self-respect that is reflected right back at you in the way people perceive and treat you. Yes, the world seems a happier place when you’re dressed up, and you’re happier because of it—the positive feedback loop. You’re also more likely to get out and do something or say yes to a spur-of-the-moment invitation if you’re ready for anything. So, really, do “put on some lipstick and pull yourself together.”

I highly recommend Elta MD Skin Care, Tinted with SPF 40; it’s the absolute perfect, sheer and lightweight base that’s just like slipping into a second skin. I wear it alone or with some blush, and I’m good to go. I swear by it! I also cannot recommend wearing sun block on your face and neck (and hands) enough. Also, I live in my Cocktail Sneakers, of course. They are effortlessly chic, and whether I’m dressed up or going for a more casual look, when I put on a pair of dressy sneakers, I feel like I’m putting my best foot forward. In the summertime, if I’m not barefoot, I’m in Cocktail Sneakers. Period!

So, ladies, working from home doesn’t mean we need to look like amnesic Goldie Hawn in Overboard. Remember who you are, and dress accordingly! You will thank yourself!