“There may be no other piece of clothing that has had a trajectory like face masks -- something that began as purely protective transforming into a fashion statement in no time at all.” ~ Robin Givhan

COVID-19 has brought with it new and unexpected fashion trends--most notably--face masks. As an accessory, face masks aren’t necessarily a new concept given that they have for years been commonly worn in countries including Japan, China, and Korea. Historically, the purpose for widespread wear is due to lingering impacts of previous pandemics, natural disasters, and industrialization causing poor air quality. Now, the rest of the world is adapting to those protective practices and discovering a widely available selection of available options--from disposable styles easily found in gas stations through bedazzled and luxury designer brand options.

Although face masks have become a necessity, it doesn’t mean one cannot use this new “accessory” to elevate a look. Just as we select our layers, colors, shoes and bags to complete a look, face masks too are now an accessory. Why not pair them to create new and stunning style options?


Proving this point is Everard’s Clothing boutique in Georgetown, D.C., which not only sells Cocktail Sneakers, but designer masks. The paired cloth mask compliments the black-colored calfskin leather ankle-boot of Cocktail Sneakers’ Outsider with its checkered pattern that is detailed enough to be interesting but not overpowering.


The light grey tweed mask from Pirouette NYC is a match made in heaven for the Professional sneaker in black. Each Pirouette mask is one-of-a-kind and handmade from top-quality international cloth swatches, such as French fabric and Italian silk. The craftsmanship is apparent in their ethically made products align beautifully with Cocktail Sneakers’ hand-crafted and customized dressy sneakers for women.


The Mixed by Nasrin mango mask brings warm tones to an outfit. The yellow-green leaves and yellow-red fruit shares a soft but inviting scene. As the weather gets cooler, this mask is a nice reminder of the bright summery days. Mixed by Nasrin sewed more than 2,000 individual masks during the pandemic before recently partnering with an official manufacturing partner. The focus on Mixed to “create transformational relationships with textiles that inspire us to show up fully as we are” is something we strive for in sneakers as well.

Although the pandemic has been a challenge for many reasons, watching small businesses adapt and pivot has been a deeply momentous experience. We at Cocktail Sneakers have found ourselves networking with purposeful and philanthropic brands that align with our own. As the holiday season begins this year, we are encouraging all to consider shopping local and small businesses whose lifeblood pumps through the work they do each and every day. 

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