Not every shoe is perfect for the journey

In many cities across the United States, and found more often in European cities such as Berlin, Paris and Rome, cobblestone streets can become minefields for the unpracticed heel wearer. Spindly stilettos catch easily in the gunk-filled cracks between cobblestones or aging brick streets and walkways causing heel damage or worse, twisted or broken ankles. Even with that threat, women love wearing heels -- to black-tie events, weddings, back yard parties, polo matches, and even while running errands.

What then can we do to successfully navigate not just cobblestone streets, but escalators, wet stairwells, thickly carpeted or marble floors, all of which pose a risk to even the most avid and experienced heel-wearer? 

  • Shift your weight: It isn’t always easy but find your center of gravity and shift your weight to the front of your shoes so that you are walking on the ball of your foot. Be sure to proceed with caution, transfer weight onto the heel only if on an even or flat surface and look before landing each step.
  • Grab a strutting partner: Whether your bestie, travel buddy or significant other, a steadied arm provides support while navigating uneven and unpredictable streets. Plus, they can catch you should you stumble or trip, to avoid a terrifying face plant.
  • Pack a pair of Solemates: Left uncovered, heels can easily get caught within cobblestone walkways, bricks or street grates, creating greater incidences of trips and falls as well as heel damage. Not a desired outcome for an expensive pair of stilettos! Solemates heel protectors increase the surface area of the bottom of the heel, creating a larger surface area that shields the heel from becoming stuck or jammed in an uneven surface.

  • Abandon your heels and wear a dressy sneaker: Even the most fashionable “stylistas” would welcome a break from heels if they could find footwear that made them feel chic, confident and polished. Cocktail Sneakers offers the perfect solution with upscale bootie, lace-up and slip-on silhouettes that easily glide across cobblestones, delivering both comfort and femininity with every step.

When matched with a flowing maxi dress, capri pants, mini skirt, jeans or shorts, heels have become a staple in many women’s footwear inventory. But, for those adventures complete with risky walking paths such as cobblestones, a pair of dressy sneakers yield a more comfortable option allowing wearers to look at the gorgeous sights surrounding them rather than down at ground.

If you are ready to ditch your heels, even if temporarily, for an elegant pair of fashionable women’s sneakers, visit Cocktail Sneakers’ Collection to find your perfect pair.