Every new year, month, week, day allows for a new chapter. Each day we wake up with a blank slate. We can be anyone we want to be with a fresh perspective and positive outlook. Similarly, our closets are the same. It is important to realize that having quality base pieces are of the essence for a wardrobe, such as having a fabulous pair of jeans, solid color tops, a leather jacket, and a versatile dress. After that, it is easy to style a look with just a little work. We will highlight some recent trends that we are loving!


Hats are totally in style for women right now! The beret, for example, immediately transforms an outfit into looking put together and classy. Since the flat round beret hat originated in Spain and France, the look always makes me think of the European sophisticated looks. Even if you are having a rough hair day, a hat can let you get away with it and even end up making you look more chic. Other hat trends for women include a fedora for a statement or beanie for a casual appearance.

No longer is anyone tied down with plain denim jeans or work pants. Pants are getting a refreshing update. The straight-leg look has been replaced with the wide-leg look, but also everything in between, such as bootcut, tapered, or loose options. Pants have skyrocketed with different styles and dozens of different categories. Leather leggings, ribbed knit pants, and plaid wide leg trousers allow for completely different trendy looks, but all very elevated.

Sweaters have always been a layering essential, but the fabrics, patterns, and types of sweaters that are popular are always changing. Recently, the trend has been the softer the sweater, the better! Many designers have hopped on this trend, from Jenni Kayne’s cashmere cardigans to Acne Studios'  luxuriously soft alpaca and wool knit sweaters. Since comfort has become a top priority resulting from work from home and quarantine COVID-19 orders, everyone may as well dress to feel their best. 

One of the best parts of having a fabulous sweater collection is how versatile they can be. A sweater can be used as an extra warm layer during the winter months or as a summer accessory tied around the waist or shoulders. The functionality of wardrobe pieces is important to consider when purchasing new items. Similarly, Cocktail Sneakers was recognized by Destination Luxury as perfect “options for women who favor comfort, style and versatility”.

Sneakers are meant to be season-less and Cocktail Sneakers is “Reimagining What Sneakers Can Be”. 

If you live in a snowy winter area, there’s no need to fret! Each pair of Cocktail Sneakers comes with a canvas tote bag, making it easy to change back into Cocktail Sneakers after wearing unattractive ski or snow boots outside.

Cocktail Sneakers Linen Bag

All of the sneakers, from the Outsider booties to the Traveler mule slip-on shoes, can be year-round shoe staples. Although they aren’t meant to be worn in the snow or even cold weather, they can provide style and comfort while being worn inside during those freezing months. The rest of the outfit can change to reflect different seasons and looks, such as corduroy pants or flowy dresses. 

We are loving how people are turning away from short-term pieces, but looking for quality in fashionable pieces that can elevate an outfit for any occasion, such as Cocktail Sneakers. It is always fun to look at what is trending and imagining yourself in a new style.

Looking for outfit inspo? Check out our client boutiques and locations to pick out some sophisticated and fashionable pieces (and they already know how to pair with Cocktail Sneakers).