The approach of the Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s holidays spark ideas of champagne flutes, the emergence of fine china, and elegant dress. It is a delightful time of year when ladies (and gents!) dust off their finer garb and prepare it for an evening or two out on the town. Holiday wreaths, trees, and big red bows are arriving on scene--almost forcing a page turn on the last few years--with visions of a better tomorrow. Sadly, the pandemic shut down various affairs the last two years, yet this year has started to feel a bit more “typical” (thank goodness!) 


In the spirit of celebrating festivities with family and friends this holiday, we’ve outlined a handful of styling tips for women considering time outside their four walls or even…gasp!...those considering travel to faraway destinations. Should either be your planned path, keep these few tips in mind when styling your selections for the holidays: 

  • Fortify with flair and fancy. A statement necklace, sequins, shimmery sweater, or metallic sneakers will add a bit of sparkle and glamour to your outfit. The holiday season is the perfect time to showcase your baubles. In keeping with holiday colors, stay true to holiday hues in white, blue, emerald and red. Don’t be shy and make your own personal style a statement all on its own.  
  • Keep it simple, but elegant. Some women find styling outfits to be a hassle. They are most happy donning their athleisure and messy buns, therefore dressing up can be tiresome. But it doesn’t have to be. A simple but integral piece in every woman’s wardrobe is the “little black dress.” Regardless of the length or neckline design, a simple cocktail dress on its own adds a level of elegance that is flattering, adaptable and easy to level-up. The difference can be found in the details. LBDs come in various lengths (mini, midi and maxi), diverse sleeve lengths, and one-shouldered, full shoulders or strapless styles to boot! The addition of bold red lipstick and colorful smoky eye offsets the simplicity of the “LBD,” yet for those seeking to add a tad more, grab a few strands of pearls and bracelets to make your final LBD design sing. 
  • Don’t forget pops of color. Holidays are synonymous with color. Whether glittery or bold, the holidays beg us to put away our earth-based Fall hues and embrace our favorite red, green, silver and gold! Cocktail Sneakers are an easy way to add color to any outfit. Our red suede Weekender is a seasonal favorite, as is our new blue slate gray Outsider bootie. Last year, we sold out of inventory of our black Outsider, so we extended our color choices and restocked so we’d be ready for the season. Accessories such as a scarf, colorful bracelets, belt or purse can tie together a simple outfit and easily allow each wearer to express their more “colorful” side.

‘Tis the season of glitz, glamour and glitter! Now is the best time to temporarily stow the casual garb worn for the last two years and bring forth your own personal sparkle!