The cooler temperatures arriving in New England signals the oncoming Fall, yet the air in Massachusetts is filled with electric energy given that our favorite “boys of summer” have not yet laid down their bats. This week, the Boston Red Sox enter the ALCS playoffs, facing off against the Houston Astros towards another hopeful World Series run.

Even as many continue to don their Red Sox t-shirts and jerseys, the change in season also brings with it a change in fashion. Some people have returned to work at an office, hospital, station or restaurant, while others are—for the foreseeable future—continuing to work from home.

Bridging the divide between the “at work” and “working from home” crowd is an evolving trend in fashion dubbed “elevated casual.” Fortunately for Cocktail Sneakers, a brand founded to deliver stylish, sophisticated, and comfortable footwear that pairs as easily with dresses and skirts as they do with jeans, leggings and capris, this is our moment. Cocktail Sneakers are: the perfect elevated casual footwear!

As women across the country move about, stretch their legs, pack and plan for game days, tailgates, college visits, and pre-holiday preparation, the timing seemed appropriate for a list of accessories we can’t live without this Fall:

  • Sweater vests: Although it may feel like we’re circling the late 80’s or early 90’s from a fashion lens, sweater vests rarely go out of style. They are a valuable layering option for those residing in locations where the weather cools for several months, and also lends a flirty fashion choice in warmer temps. Anthropologie’s Flutter-Sleeved Sweater Vest, which pairs well with Cocktail Sneakers’ tan Traveler is a staff favorite.


  • Pouch: Once referred to as “fanny packs” or “bum bags,” these sought-after accessories have been refreshed in both design and material. Today’s active population, desperate to be on the move again, desires stylish options to house face mask, money, phone, and keys. The refreshed ‘pouch’ can be slung over the shoulder or worn around the waist (without judgement). Our personal faves include the Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag and Calvin Klein’s Pebble Grain Leather Red Pouch.

  • Head scarves: Jackie Onassis' favorite accessory was a head scarf. She knew how to dress it up and down, both with and without her paparazzi-shielding sunglasses. Interestingly, a humble headscarf called the ‘babushka’ has become an unexpected fashion trend this year when it graced the runways in London, Milan and Paris. The neatly knotted scarf was historically worn to denote a woman’s changing social status. Although we’re not suggesting anyone glom onto the babushka trend (even though we imagine those that do will keep their ears warm!), our eyeballs are riveted on hair scarves that add a pop of color and femininity to even the most casual athleisure. Our pick is the Louis Vuitton LV World Bandeau (which just happens to pair beautifully with our newest Outsider color: slate blue gray).
  • Puffer vest: Patagonia has designed one of the most efficient and beautiful puffer vests called the Nano Puff which is light, super compressible for easy pack and wear, and windproof. The combined attributes add much needed warmth and comfort into an item that can be easily packed for weekend getaways or tailgating events. 
  • Functional footwear: You won’t be surprised that we’re giving a nod to footwear and more to the point, Cocktail Sneakers. Last Fall, the brand was noted as a “Favorite Fall Footwear of 2020,” and with new additions including a blue slate gray Outsider, we’re well postured for a 2021 ranking. A go-to Fall and holiday favorite is our red, suede Weekender (which just happens to match the Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots red colors…). But, for those looking for the perfect white option, we’d recommend either the white lace Occasion or our new, white and metallic silver Sophisticate.


With poured cider and apple cinnamon donuts in hand, New Englanders are welcoming Fall – even as our Red Sox continue to round the bases at Fenway Park. Cocktail Sneakers’ inventory is fully stocked for the holiday season so as you pull together special outfits for your favorite Fall outings, we hope you’ll take a peek at our slip-on and lace-up options in leather, lace, suede and canvas, to find your perfect fit.