National Women’s History Month is celebrated around the United States throughout March. The recognition started out as National Women’s Week when President Jimmy Carter first proclaimed it during 1980, but it has since evolved into a month long celebration for the past couple of decades. 

National Women’s History Month reminds people to reflect on how far things have come for women for their rights and freedoms to do as they please in the United States. Of course, there are still areas that still need work and improvement, but it is important to recognize the accomplishments as well. 

Even looking back on how fashion has changed throughout history for women is fascinating, especially sneakers! Women in the middle of the 20th century would sometimes wear plain flat white sneakers for activities like gardening, boating, chores, or sports. Now, there are more options and styles than ever before. 

We designed our sneakers with women in mind, starting with our signature almond-shaped toe, delivering a soft, feminine silhouette while our deep heel cup and shock-absorbing insole provides both arch support and the comfort of an athletic sneaker. Our feet are so thankful for this evolution in sneakers!

Audrey Hepburn. Getty Images.
Audrey Hepburn; Courtesy of Getty Images

Cocktail Sneakers' team is comprised of a global network of women. Our design, manufacturing, marketing and leadership team are filled with tenacious, creative and ambitious women. Additionally, each team member is the most hardworking and inspiring woman to work alongside. We come together to answer the question, “how does our sneaker make you feel?" This focus and collaboration by the team is what drives the work of Cocktail Sneakers on everything from our sneaker designs to our messaging. 

“Empowered women empower women”


Having a team of women also helps us to share ideas and understand what a woman wants in a sneaker.  When founder Susan Hassett went searching for a feminine and versatile sneaker that was comfortable and functional enough for her active days yet polished enough for after sunset adventures, there was nothing available. There wasn’t a sneaker available to women that checked all of these boxes, while still feeling feminine. It was time for a team of women to lead the way. That is how Cocktail Sneakers went from an idea to a reality to  redefine sneaker culture for women.

Our greatest asset is our customers and hearing their feedback. It makes us so happy to get responses from women about how Cocktail Sneakers have elevated their lives in a variety of ways, from alleviating pain with our customized comfort options to providing a stylish sneaker that gets noticed and complimented. We provide women support from the sole up!

We've also aligned our brand with philanthropic organizations that support and empower women. We are enthusiastic supporters of Soles4Souls--aligning our brand with an organization that positively impacts the lives of women. Cocktail Sneakers is proud to be a company comprised of a global team of women supporting women.