Warmer temps signal the start of white sneaker season. This closet classic is one of the most enduring footwear trends and an essential building block to every wardrobe.

White sneakers are akin to a breath of fresh air, adding eye-catching brightness to any outfit, whether that be a flowing maxi dress or pair of cuffed jeans and fresh white t-shirt. The must-have white sneaker silhouette comes in variations—some even with pre-designed scuffs, mules, chunky, and even lace!

The simplicity of the white sneaker expresses profound style as does what is worn with them, yet many hesitate to wear them regularly for fear that our precious whites will get stained, scuffed, or otherwise marked up -- thus losing their elevated appeal. It can be challenging to maintain their pristine hue, but fear not!


Cocktail Sneakers has outlined a handful of tips for keeping your sneakers white this season: 

  • White soles: Use a simple household product like Lysol or Clorox Wipes to wipe them down and bring them back to their original bright white! To deal with scuff marks and any streaks of dirt or mud on white soles, a wet Magic Eraser works wonders. 
  • Leather upper: Wipe with a neutral shoe cream and a soft cloth. If that doesn't work, grab an old toothbrush and some white toothpaste. Dip in warm water and gently scrub away stains and dirt spots. Yes, it really works. The Cocktail Sneakers team has also tested (and approves of) Jason Markk products--especially the RTU Foam
  • Suede upper: Before wearing, treat with a water repellent spray to keep marks off. To add a layer of protection to your sneaker investment, Jason Markk's Repel Spray too, works wonders! 
  • Patent leather upper Wipe with a patent leather cleaner and a soft cloth.

Finally, NEVER ever wash your white canvas sneakers in the washing machine since over time, your white will turn yellow. (exactly what we want to avoid).

If all else fails, search for a local company like this, dedicated to sneaker cleaning. (Yes, we were surprised to find out businesses like this exist, too!) 

Interestingly, white sneaker season overlaps both with prom and wedding season, two occasions where ladies lean into heels, yet often remove them before the evening ends given how uncomfortable their feet. Cocktail Sneakers offers an option for ladies who want to elevate their footwear to match a gorgeous, beaded, lace, or sequined frock, but remain comfortable as they dance the night away. (Note: Brides opting for trending black wedding dresses instead of white can also be outfitted in Cocktail Sneakers as our black lace Occasion or black suede Weekender match seamlessly!)

Also worth noting is the importance of both support and comfort. Not every white sneaker was designed with comfort in mind, a concept that may be hard to grasp given that for most of us, sneakers = comfort. Just as women’s feet are different in size, so is the need for stability and moldability. For optimal comfort, find a sneaker that provides both arch support and cushions the foot when worn.

If you’ve asked yourself “Are white sneakers still in style?” or “can I wear white sneakers after Labor Day?” trust that this wardrobe staple is always in style. To celebrate the arrival of white sneaker season, consider snagging a new pair to add to your footwear lineup for summer. Our recommendations include the Cocktail Sneakers Occasion, or the newest member to our collection lineup, the silver-toed slip-on Sophisticate.