"Love doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile." 
- Franklin P. Jones

It might feel like the holidays are done for a while, but Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Luckily, there is no need to fret! Whether you are thinking of getting a gift for your wife, girlfriend, partner, daughter, or whoever, we have got you covered with gift ideas to give any woman.

Valentine’s Day is all about expressing your love and appreciation for people in your life. This year with the pandemic and minimal social gatherings, connection has never been more important. 

The holiday celebrating love has been happening for hundreds of years with connections to Saint Valentine and English author Geoffrey Chaucer. The day centered around appreciation and romance is often filled with flowers and chocolates. However, we came up with 4 unique ideas for this Valentine’s day celebration.

1. Leggings

Due to the pandemic, athleisure is more popular than ever before, and for good reason! Since many people are stuck at home, why not at least be comfortable? There are hundreds of companies and options to choose from, but two elevated choices are Varley and Spiritual Gangster. Varley  offers plenty of high quality options, from fun printed leggings to warm knitwear. One of Varley’s recent additions are Sherpa pullovers and jackets. As someone who is always looking for another layer to wear for warmth, these seem like they would do the job.

Spiritual Gangster  is known for their leggings that have fun colored stripes that go down the legs, but their activewear doesn’t stop there! One of the reasons Spiritual Gangster was chosen for this gift guide is because of their pink clothing. They offer leggings in a range of tones from a light Dried Rose to bright Candy Apple. Since many women only have black or dark leggings, why not try out pink for Valentine’s Day. Additionally, Spiritual Gangster leggings can be matched with sports bras or tops to complete a stylish athleisure look with the whole set. One tone outfits are so chic year round.

Spiritual Gangster leggings

2. Cocktail Sneakers 

Of course, Cocktail Sneakers would be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Since the holiday is typically filled with red, pink, and white hues there are multiple options. The red Weekender sneaker is always a holiday favorite. The special red pop of color completes any outfit with the suede sneaker body, calfskin toecap, and detailed trim with calfskin piping. This red sneaker would especially go well with the athleisure look from above if you are looking to give a complete outfit for Valentine’s Day. 

The blush-colored calfskin Outsider bootie is an exclusive sneaker which won’t be around forever. The unique color is unlike any other boot. Since women already often have plenty of black and brown boots, the blush option offers a new look to transform a boring outfit to sophisticated. The Outsider bootie can be worn with a stylish dress for a date night or even jeans for walking the dog. 

The white Occasion  is a modern, romantic lace and leather slip-on sneaker made of breathable white lace and calfskin leather. White sneakers have returned as a fashionable shoe choice year-round, not just for summer anymore. The white lace is very luxurious and refined. The Occasion is great as a Valentine’s Day gift because it is often worn at wedding festivities. Yet, it can also be worn more casually with a skirt or shorts. Cocktail Sneakers have the flexibility to be worn from sunrise to sunset with any look. 

Cocktail Sneakers for Valentines Day

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3. Personalized puzzle

Another special gift you can give this Valentine’s Day is a personalized puzzle. Plenty of websites, such as Shutterfly or Vistaprint, offer the service of turning one of your photographs into a puzzle. You can make the puzzle as easy or difficult as you want by choosing how many puzzle pieces to make it out of. Puzzles are the perfect quarantine activity to do at home this year. They work as gifts for any age if you want to give them a memento that will stick with them for years and years. Don’t forget to order soon because a personalized puzzle will take longer for a company to make.

Although so many things have changed during the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Valentine’s Day is something that doesn’t have to. The day will remain the same as a time to share with others how much you love them, from romantic partners to friends and family. Hearing everyone’s love stories is always a highlight for the holiday! 

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Enjoy your Valentine’s Day! 

With love, 

The Cocktail Sneakers Team xoxo