Footwear is an important travel essential

Packing the wrong shoes when traveling can easily turn an adventure-filled memory into a painful one. Women tend to pack footwear and accessories to pair with individual outfits designed for specific occasions. We imagine ourselves walking the streets of an unknown city, traversing an historic museum, or cycling the cliff-like coasts of a far-away destination.  To avoid having a suitcase too heavy to carry, we mix and match our tops and bottoms, yet footwear still (somehow!) manages to become a challenge point.

Travelers must also decide on footwear to be wear while traveling (by car, air, train, or boat!). This can get complicated when considering temperatures, potential moisture/slippery areas, and of course, TSA security checkpoints requiring removal of said footwear. We don’t want to even mention the possibility of swelling, which can occur during pressure changes in the airplane cabin.

These potential land mines (and others…such as the need to run through a train station or airport) makes the selection of travel shoes incredibly important. Chosen styles must strike a balance between support and comfort without sacrificing style and should also be easily stowed in a suitcase or carry-on bag.

Generally, most travelers require three pairs of shoes. Spring and summer travel calls for a mix of gym sneakers, ballet flats, and sandals, although the more daring among us will pepper in a heel of some type. (If heading to a destination where cobblestone streets exist, please read our tips on how to successfully navigate them to avoid injury).

Here are the best footwear choices for travel: 

Stylish Sneakers

Because it’s hard to run through terminals in slides, the best sneaker is easy on-and-off, close-toed, and secure. Cocktail Sneakers had this in mind when crafting its collection, and included several slip-on options including the Professional, Occasion, and the Sophisticate. These easy-to-don sneakers aren’t just comfortable, they have solid support and cushion contained within, and double as a ‘dress up’ sneaker – to level-up attire once you’ve arrived at your destination.



Casual Sneakers (or hiking boots)

Regardless of where your travels take you, a fitness/gym sneaker or hiking boot will come in handy should you be traversing rugged or uneven terrain (rocky trails, dirt roads) and a studier sole will provide added cushion. For an extra dose of stability, a high-top sneaker adds built-in ankle support.

Ballet flats or low-heeled slip-ons

Several companies have designed foldable and packable ballet flats that work well for travel --  such as Tieks. Reminiscent of the classic elegance of Jackie O., ballet flats don’t take up much space. They are also easily removed so a gal won’t hold up the security line, while also adding style to her favored travel outfit. Tieks, specifically, were designed with a deliver split-sole design that allows them to fold up compact enough to fit into a small purse. While an ideal shoe to wear for a flight or train ride, ballet flats aren’t typically recommended for lengthier wear or sightseeing as they have little support in the sole or ankle. 

Since we outlined optimal footwear choices for travel, it’s also worth noting the worst footwear for travel (hands down) are: flip flops.

Although convenient for security and for the beach, flip flops are accidents waiting to happen. Imagine being evacuated from an aircraft while wearing a pair of flimsy footwear that leave your feet completed exposed and unprotected. It can also get cold on longer flights, leaving feet cold. Finally, do you enjoy stepping into  or getting splashed by airplane or train bathroom “puddles” without knowing if its water—or something less sanitary—with exposed, bare feet? ICK!!

For the lovely ladies preparing to travel this Fall, Cocktail Sneakers would enjoy outfitting you for your adventures. Our designs deliver on the promise of style, comfort, easy slip-on-and-off design, and with a special 20% off Fall promotion through September 30, 2022, we hope you’ll add them to your travel footwear wardrobe! ~xoxo~